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The new logo


The new logo that you have in Web is exactly as the modern-day swastika used to commit a genocide in Ukraine as we speak.
Not sure why you'd opt for something as hideous as that



guys, do you think it is ok to use the symbol of russian fascism as your favicon?

It is a very poor choice, hopefully it can be changed.


The new logo for the web pages of zoom is really bothering me as it resembles the one of russian terrorists. Please relay the feedback to the design and product team. It is very insensitive to the time and disrespectful to the people suffering from war, to use such a logo.


I wrote the same here. They keep ignoring it. Probably zoom stands with russia. I don't think they don't understand what they're doing



I am afraid I agree - I choked on my coffee this morning starting up my PC and seeing the new icon on my taskbar. Thought for a second I had gotten a Russian spyware installed... Please change - can't stand seeing it every day! It is so distasteful.


I am afraid I agree with the  above - I choked on my coffee this morning starting up my PC and seeing the new icon on my taskbar. Thought for a second I had gotten a Russian spyware installed... Please change - can't stand seeing it every day! It is so distasteful.


I agree. Please change the small logo just saying Z back into the old logo saying Zoom. As it looks now it feels like I have a symbol for the Russian war in Ukraine on my computer. 


Dear Zoom,

I updated today to the latest version and I was a little shocked when I saw the new logo.
The first thing that popped into my head is that it looks too much like the Z-Symbol that is currently being used by the Russian Federation to commit heinous crimes in Ukraine.


I can imagine it obviously isn't your intention to upset people.

Therefore I would please ask you to change it to the previous logo untill you've found a new more neutral design.


Fully agree, this is so distasteful and disgraceful! Remove this neo-fascist symbol!


Please remove the Russian zwatika from zoom icon.


just got the update. just wow. These Russian war symbols are hitting too close to home. Please remove the new icon. I don't see how this can be acceptable


Yea, it is giving me the creeps. Very poor choice and taste from zoom.


Oh my God, please, please, please change this new "Z" icon. What an absolutely horrible thing for me to see on my start bar!!!!


And I'm not even Ukrainian—just someone who's been watching this sad and disgusting atrocity being committed by the "Ruzzians". And I was so disturbed by the new logo that I went digging, first in the Zoom Settings, and then on Google, to try to revert this horrible change.


Can you even imagine what kind of actual, real-life, physical trauma your new logo is likely to elicit among the estimated 16 million Ukrainians who have been displaced by putin the warmonger? Not to mention the untold countless others who are friends, colleagues, neighbors of those 16 million... Or even anyone else on Planet Earth who is sick and tired of seeing this disgusting "Z" plastered all over the tanks, uniforms, cardboard boxes and dirty rags being bandied about by the heartless, inhuman monsters who defend vlad's campaign to try to kill their neighbors and steal their home??


Please, please, please change the icon.


Or, you know, let us choose what icon we want to use! (Oh, how I miss the good old days when software allowed users to control things such as "what version of our icon appears in your system tray"...)


I have designed new icons for the zoom app that avoid the dreaded Z, have recompiled my zoom executables to implement it and looks good. Alas, it is not safe to share these executables here, so if anyone from the zoom team is interested, I can share the resource files.



Hello Zoom. Wake up! Your icon is identical to a symbol being used in an active genocide against the Ukrainian people. This is offensive to the Ukrainian diaspora everywhere in the world! Please wake up to the growing number of complaints here and change it ASAP.


I totally agree. I have also written to Zoom support without any reaction. To use the "Russian Swastika" as app icon is an extremely mindless and distasteful design flaw. Particularly after a discussion last year, in which another company named "Zoom" was critizised for keeping their "Z", and then canged it.


it's indeed a poor choice of logo design. hope this is changed ASAP otherwise my team will abandon zoom and switch to alternative apps.


It seems that Zoom support Russian war...
For such a position, Zoom may be subject to economic sanctions in many countries if the situation is highlighted by mass media.


ZOOM! Hello! Wake up! Like many other people said above - bloody Z is a modern swastika and symbol af russia genocide against Ukrainian people.



Do you care about the reputation of your company?

The Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance decided to temporarily stop using the Z logo on social networks. The company does not want people to mistakenly perceive that it is supporting russia in the war against Ukraine.



Please, change the logo, it is the symbol of russian invaders in Ukraine. You will receive a very negative reaction in the World and many companies will move to alternative conferencing tools. Do you want to increase sales for Cisco?  


Absolutely agree and support your opinion. It’s so strange to

choose such logo after year of full scale invasion and almost the same  Z-symbols on the russians tanks and missiles.


The new logo is terrible! It is completely identical to the russian swastika - the russian symbol of the war against Ukraine. The russians are probably very happy about it. It seems that you ordered the design in russia. Now and forever, it is a symbol of the genocide of the Ukrainian people and the unspeakably terrible war crimes of Russia. Therefore, it became very unpleasant for me to use zoom, now I use it only in extreme cases.


This is a completely poor choice of logo!

I am forced to see the symbol of the genocide of Ukrainians on my computer every day. This "bloody" Z scares and depresses me. 

Zoom team please wake up and change your logo!


The public use of fascist symbols can have serious consequences. In particular, it can lead to conflicts between people who have different views on these issues. In addition, in many countries, the use of fascist symbols can be a legal basis for criminal prosecution.

It is also worth noting that fascism is an ideology that is considered evil and is associated with totalitarianism, racism, violence, and disrespect for human rights. Therefore, the use of fascist symbols can evoke negative emotions in many people, especially those who have directly experienced the terrible consequences of fascism in the past.
Z - is the symbolism of modern fascism.


Horrible logo which include symbol of impudent russian invasion of Ukraine, letter "Z".

Please immediately change the logo.


Are y'all ok? It's just a LETTER.

..and swastika is just a symbol, right?

Yes, this.   


Dear Zoom, 

It's unethical to use the equivalent of a modern Svastika as you Favico. 
Alone for our friends in Ukraine, this icon can course severer trauma. The people that draws Z's on their cars and tanks have committed human atrocities many places in Ukraine. 

Today I updated Zoom and to my horror I see that you have updated your logo to something this untasteful. It's probably not done in bad spirits, but it leaves a bitter taste in people's mouth. 

It would be proper to come with an excuse and correct the icon to something acceptable in today's climate. 
Until that time I cannot recommend Zoom and will not use it myself if I can prevent it. 

Hope you are listening. 


How primitive can someone be to use such logo nowadays? Have you lost your minds? 



I can only confirm that neither myself nor my clients like the Zwastika logo. Put this aside, the logo is simply unimaginative. Why not play on the idea of "zooming" or anything but "Z".


i'm here to say your new logo is quite disgusting. i hope it was not intentional. please, consider something less negatively charged

At this point, it's only logical to suspect that it must be intentional.   😨


It's awful, very distracting. Just change it already. 


Where I work, it inspires arguments in which I prefer not to be involved. Please do change it, or allow us the ability to change it. Or at least hide it. How can I hide it from my Windows11 taskbar after a meeting?

Looks like I need to create a different logo image, save it as ico (not jpg or png), then open zoom.exe in 7-zip, replace .rsrc/ICON/3.ico with the file I had made, repack it, to a new file named zoom.exe, and open that instead of zoom.exe.  For older Windows versions, this might work for you:

By the time I do all this, I would rather just switch platforms.  It's terrible and I can see I'm not alone in my disgust.