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Happy National Intern Day!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator
A huge shout-out to our amazing interns joining us from 80+ global universities. We are so appreciative of their work making a lasting impact here at Zoom 💙


As an intern on the Zoom Community team (best team at Zoom!), my favorite experience has been working with other Global Self-Service interns to brainstorm the future of digital support at Zoom.


Community members, have you have you interned in the past? If you have, what was your favorite memory as an intern? Let us know by clicking the Reply button! 


P.S. Check out this cool photo of Zoom's Summer 2022 interns 😎


Intern 1.gif


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Love our Zoomie interns! 💙


I used to intern for a non-profit organization whose goal was to help students in under-served communities attend college. My favorite memory was when we had a meet-and-greet with the students and awarded scholarships to them 😊

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

We 💙 you @crchan123 !! We are very grateful for all of the Zoomie interns... they are making an impact every single day! 


I used to intern for a large technology company, and some of my favorite memories were the handful of sessions we had with the CEO. The opportunity to meet the CEO in-person, ask him questions, and hear his story really proved how much value he took in the intern program and the prioritization the company took in the investment on interns. It felt like we were meeting with a celebrity 😎.