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Zoom Room is signed out after updating windows password


We use Dell OptiPlex 7090s to run our Zoom Room software in our conference rooms. The devices are managed by our firm and one of the policies require that the password be changed every 120 days. We've been trying to find a way to automate this process. What we've found is that we can send a powershell command to all of our identified Zoom Rooms to force the password of the machine to update to our new standard. 


When we push the command, the password successfully changes. However, when we restart the PC the Zoom Room gets unassigned and we have to re-pair the pc to its Zoom Room. Has anyone come across this before or know why this is happening? 



We have opened a ticket with Zoom since we have been able to replicate this with any password update on the windows device.  Win 10 and Win 11 same issue.