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Adding a Room to Workspace Reservation Map


I am having some issues with how to designate private offices on the floor map for our office. When I click on "Add Workspaces," my only options are to add either a "Desk" or a "Reservation Only Room." A Desk appears on the floor map as a dot, whereas a Reservation Only Room allows me to draw the perimeter of the room on the map--which is how I would prefer to have those offices appear. The problem I am running into is that when a user wishes to create a reservation for one of Reservation Only Rooms, they are being prompted to enter a Meeting Topic and other info, and after they click Reserve, a Zoom meeting appears on their calendar along with login info and a link to enter a Zoom meeting. My intent is to only create a reservation for that room/private office, not a Zoom meeting.


I'm stumped as to whether these private offices within the suite need to be designated simply as "Desks" or if I might be configuring something incorrectly when choosing "Reservation Only Room."


Thank you.