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Zoom SMS Salesforce Integration Issues/Questions


I have recently set up the integration with Zoom Phone and Salesforce.  I have been doing some testing with the SMS functionality and have some questions/issues.


1. The SMS messages do not get saved to Salesforce unless I actually go into the record in the Zoom app within Salesforce.  I do not imagine my users will be using the in salesforce app very much because of the other options.  Is there a way for it to force save messages without viewing them in SF?

2. The SMS messages, once saved, are not being related to a contact record.  I tested having SF create records for Zoom phone calls, and that seems to relate the task record to the correct contact, but the SMS record doesn't relate to anything.

3.  You can change the task subject after the record has been created but once you have another message added to the conversation it changes the subject back to what it was originally.  Is there any way to override this?


I am sure I will have other issues but these items are not ideal.





Having similar problems with SMS integration. Also, I see you can manually log calls made outside of salesforce in Zoom Phone, but don’t see an option for SMS. Is it possible to manually log SMS from the Zoom phone app?


All the same issues and questions here. We've been on Zoom Phone for Salesforce for months now, and none of our users will use the SMS feature because of these. Zoom should really address these concerns and suggestions.


Completely agreed.  I have relaying this for months with no update in sight. 


I was looking for a solution to #2 and came across this post. The same behaviour is seen in our instance too 😞