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Zoom Phone Speakerphone - Hangup Button


Hi there - we are looking for a USB or Bluetooth speakerphone that attaches to the computer that can be used with the Zoom Phone service.  We want the ability to use the answer/hangup button, mute, volume on the physical speaker device.   


I'm trying a zoom certified eMeet M1A.  The mute and volume buttons work, but I can't answer the zoom phone or hangup a call with the speaker device.   I have to use the Zoom app on my computer.


Any suggestions on a fully functional speaker device?  We want to avoid buying actual handsets.  


I also do not want to buy each zoom certified device to test.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The hardware listed at the link below is Zoom-certified for USB-HID sync, which includes mic muting and accepting/declining calls in Zoom Phone:


For the ability to hang up a call when using Zoom Phone, the article is more vague and only references headsets and a small list of manufacturers:



It's more work than it should be, but I would reach out to sales for some of these manufacturers and try to get a clear answer. Or perhaps someone here can share some anecdotal experience! Let's see who posts.