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Zoom camera stays on when I put zoom on hold to accept a phone call


I have noticed on my iPhone that the Zoom camera stays active when I put a Zoom meeting on hold to accept an incoming phone call.  Everyone back on the Zoom meeting can still see me taking the call (and see mostly my ear if I'm not using speakerphone!).  This is unexpected; the camera should turn off.  My telephone audio does not make it on to the zoom call however, which is a relief. 


I am pretty sure the camera should turn off and stay off while I take the phone call, unless I deliberately press a button in zoom to force the camera to stay active for some reason (unlikely I would ever want to do that). This is for privacy reasons. 


Is this a bug? Known issue?  Is there a Zoom configuration option somewhere that controls this? Thank you.


Zoom app v5.15.2(8833). iPhone 12 Pro 16.5.1(c)