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Zoom Phone Appliance app build (5.14.2 (2889)) Issues

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

With the last update the of Zoom Phone Appliance app for the Yealink VP59 (5.14.2 (2889)):


1. Desktop Call Control when Connected to allow Remote Dialing from the desktop now makes the Zoom desktop app Active as if it were included in the Call Handling for the User (even though Zoom Desktop Apps is not turned on for the User). This causes the Zoom Desktop App to show incoming call pop-ups and sounds. It did not work that way previously, and kind of defeats one of the purposes of using Call Control.


2. Invited Contacts (labelled as External in the Zoom Desktop App), are showing up on the Yealink VP59 ZPA interface in the list when you proceed to transfer a phone call. Previously, this was only the External Contacts set up on the Zoom web portal under Phone System Administration > Company Info > Account Settings > External Contacts + the Internal Users Extension Numbers and they were presented in alphabetical order. Now the list is seemingly in random order. 


Have any other Zoom Phone Appliance users noticed these or other issues?




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner



according to a support article, the yealink should have firmware

Certified Zoom Phone Appliances – Zoom Support


release notes for appliances says zoom 5.14.5

Release notes for Zoom Phone Appliances – Zoom Support


thanks,  eliot