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Send application error message via sms text to a zoom phone (sms)




Currently, we have applications that can send SMS texts to cell phone numbers with common carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.   How can I send an SMS text to a Zoom number?  I have an On-Call Zoom phone number that I use external contacts so the calls/messages are forwarded and must change the forwarding to a number each week depending on who is On-Call.  I would like to send an SMS text from the application to the Zoom phone so it is a one-time setup in the application.  Otherwise, I must change the application to send it to the on-call personal number every week.  Please let me know and thanks so much.


Jim Lucas


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @jlucas2000.


Interesting setup! This might take some trial and error to get configured initially, but there is a way to accommodate this. 

Briefly, you’ll need an actual phone number – not just an extension – where the texts will be sent.  Then you’ll enable it to receive SMS traffic. Easy so far – you’ve probably already done this for your staff’s direct lines. Now set the permissions on that line’s SMS traffic to allow other authorized staff to access it. I’ve only done this once as a test … but I’m pretty sure this will work for you. You might have to reassign permissions to the on call folks as they change schedule, but I think there might be a way for each person to “ignore” the SMS traffic for that line. 

Start with this Zoom Support article: 

I’ll see if I can find an article with info about SMS access permissions. You might have your internal Zoom Admin reach out to your Account Manager for some additional assistance.    

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