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Overrun with spam calls


I saw a post saying that there was a spam filter in beta about two years ago, but what is Zoom doing to stop spam calls right now, in 2023? We just switched over from RingCentral about a month ago with 200+ numbers and the amount of spam calls we are getting now are absolutely over-the-top.



I believe the spam filtering is still in beta - talk to your account rep to join it?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Christine44 


We have been taking part in the Spam Filter Beta. It does help. 


Something that made a bigger difference for us though was turning off the Incoming call option for all of the Phone Numbers except for out Auto Receptionists. If your organization uses Auto Receptionists or Call Queues to route calls to the Users (not individual direct phone numbers), I highly recommend doing it!


I hope that helps!



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi  christine44,






Community Champion | Zoom Partner

‎2022-10-11 12:42 PM

you can block calls without caller id.  please see:

Managing the blocked list – Zoom Support


i set my iphone settings->phone->show my caller id->off

made t-mobile call on my zoom phone and call showed 'anonymous'.


changed zoom phone settings to block calls without caller id.

zoom->account settings->zoom phone->Block Calls without Caller ID->on

when i called from my iphone using t-mobile,  with 'show my caller id -  off' to my zoom phone number, i got 'the person you are trying to reach is not available.  goodbye.'