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Number Ported - Now Not Assiged


I ported a number from Comcast to Zoom and received an email that it was successful.  Now the number has been unassigned and nowhere to be found in the account.  I am unable to assign it or any number to the account user.  Need help! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @FerasM 


Had you indicated as part of the porting request that you wanted the number as your Main Number? Does the number appear at the top of the primary Auto Attendant?





So the number does not show up in any of the "tabs" of the Phone Numbers section in the Portal?

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi ferasm,


what happens when you call the comcast number you tried to port?


please go to admin->phone system management->phone numbers and check these tabs

assigned, unassigned and ported.  you should see the number you ported in one of these tabs.


if you do not see the number you ported, please go to admin->phone system management->phone numbers->ported->check portability and enter the number you tried to port.  if the number was not ported, it will still indicate comcast.  in that case, you can assign a temporary number to the user and port the comcast number indicating the comcast number will replace the temporary number.  you should double check that all info for the port request is correct.


thanks,  eliot