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New Admin - How do I request features?


Hello there. I am a relatively new admin for a Zoom phone system with Poly phones.

So far, my experience with configuring and administering our phone system can be summarized with this general statement:

I find the system has been engineered to meet a lot of varying needs; however the quest of accommodating many needs actually makes things complex when sometimes you want simplicity.


Please note, I'm talking generalities here and I'm purposefully not mentioning a specific area or question. 


I find a lot of times when I configure something one way I either have to sacrifice something to achieve it, or I create new issues in the process of arriving at a solution for the original problem.


That being said, how do I go about either requesting new features so I can make things better for myself and others?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

to request new features or make suggestions, please use

Feedback - Zoom


zoom is adding new features and improvements to existing features all the time.  please do a search on zoom community and zoom support to see if the feature you are looking for has already been added.







Yes, I realize that these are good resources for solutions, but do we know with certainty that the information will reach the software engineers and developers who implement the changes? 

Is making these types of posts the best way to ask for features?

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

zoom has added a lot of features requested by prospects coming from other systems such as ayaya, cisco and microsoft.  prospects made the case to zoom that feature x in their existing system was important to the prospect because it was part of an existing critical workflow.


when you request a new feature, my suggestion is to include the expected benefits to you and other users.  


at this point, zoom phone has many sophisticated functions and is still easy to configure and administer.  about one year ago, my bank client with about 400 users and 30 branches converted from avaya ip office to zoom phone.  everything that the bank had in their avaya system was already in zoom phone.  when the port of existing telephone numbers took place, we expected that there would be some issues.  we were worried when we did not get any support calls.  fortunately, there were no issues.


i follow the zoom release notes to see the features added or improved.   for example, take a look at the september 2022 release notes for zoom phone 

Release notes for Zoom Phone – Zoom Support


If you have a customer service rep, I believe you can get a Feature Request form to fill out for new Feature Requests. I forget the actual process of how to submit them lol.