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Master Account and Sub account


Master Account and Sub account


We have recently signed up to Zoom Phone, we have a main and account and a sub account listed under that. Whilst I understand the positives, there will be a need to make sure that users from the main account can see the sub account to chat and call. Also I wondered if there was the possibility of being able to have calls forward from Main to Sub?


I've tried linking the main to sub via the linking organisations piece but it gives an error of organisation doesn't exist. 


Does an organisation not get automatically created when the Main account is created?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi auberous,


Please see Linking accounts to an organization

Account owners and admins can link multiple Zoom accounts together to create an organization. Once linked as an organization, these accounts will be able to search for contacts, chat, and meet. If you link your accounts as an organization, account members will not need to manually add contacts from linked accounts in order to communicate with them.

Each Zoom account can only be part of one organization. If you invite a Zoom account to join your organization which is already part of another organization, the request will be rejected.

The account that created the organization is the owner of the organization and is the only one who can delete the organization. Linked accounts can invite other accounts, but the organization owner will need to approve this invitation before it is sent.

Note: Linked accounts within a master/sub account organization can also utilize scheduling privilege and alternative hosting with users within that linked organization.

Linking accounts to an organization – Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot