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MP3 phone recording playback not supported by Google Drive?



Why are MP3 files created by Zoom phone call recordings unable to be played by Google Drive?



I used the Zoom app for Android on my phone to make a phone call.  I recorded part of that call.  On the phone, the recording played back well.  I used the share button in the player to send the recording file to my Google Drive.


In Google Drive's UI via Google Chrome on macOS, I could see the recording file, named for the date and time of the phone call with a ".mp3" extension.  I tried to play the recording directly in GD, but it told me "Your browser is unable to play this audio file."  I found other MP3 files in my GD and they could be played directly.


So, I downloaded the MP3 file as GD suggested.  macOS could play it in and I could even open it with Google Chrome.  So, what is it about Zoom's recordings that make it incompatible with Google Drive for playback?


Mr. Lance E Sloan