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Have call queues show in contact search


We're using a Zoom Phone Call Queue for an internal use case. Think of it as a hotline that folks in the field can call should they require assistance. The queue is manned by a team that is specifically setup to handle these calls, so a call queue just made the most sense. 

Right now, the call queue only shows in the desktop app when I search for it in the phone number box. It doesn't show up in the contact search and it doesn't show up at all in the mobile app which is what our folks in the field primarily use. 

Can we please have a toggle on call queues that has it listed as an internal contact? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @LOVStephenb 
I was able to confirm the ZCQs don't show in the Contacts Tab on the Mobile App; good catch!
I never noticed that before because I use the Contacts of the Zoo Phone side and the Call Queues (and everything else) show in there.
Does you use case requires searching for "Zoom Call Queues" on the Contacts Tab instead of the the Zoom Phone's Contacts? If not, just search on the Zoom Phone tab and it should work just fine.
I doubt Zoom will allow you to create an External Contact with the same Call Queue's Extension number and/or DID number because it would be then a duplicated number.

I hope this helps.