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Contact Center Queues and Auto Ending Wrap Up Time for Agents




We are having an issue where contact center agents are not putting themselves back into the "Ready" state once their wrap up time is over. 


I see a setting in the queue:

Wrap up Expiration - Auto-close engagements at the end of wrap-up duraction
Add at least one disposition to enable this setting.

In all of the literature I have reviewed, I am not understanding why adding a disposition has anything to do w/ enabling wrap up to auto expire. We don't need anything thing else re a disposition (reminders to follow up with caller, notes on the call as we have another place for that) - I don't know how to proceed so we can toggle Auto Wrap Up Expiration to "On". Do we add any old disposition, that we don't really need, just to be able to toggle that setting to "on"?

Would love to hear whether anyone else has run into this and, if so, if you could please share your insights and/or workaround, that would help immensely. 

Thank you.






If you turn on the depositions and just allow even then Auto close then it will allow you to set a wrap-up time and then it should automatically place the agent back in ready.