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Call queue not calling members




We are converting over to Zoom phone.  We have a call box at our loading dock.  I have an analog line from an ATA going to that device.  That extension has a phone number assigned to it also.  I have 3 members in a call queue that the call box dials.  The queue is set for sequential order. It is set to ring the following way:

  1. ext 100- receiving person's extension- User with unlimited package
  2. ext 200- Common area extension - unlimited package, set to not ring and fwd to an Auto Reception that in turn is set to call forward to a cell phone.
  3. ext 300- Common area extension - unlimited package, set to ring a poly desk phone for 15 sec then fwd to a call queue that will ring 2 other extensions, then fwd to an ext that is fwd to a cell phone.


When I press the button ext 100 rings for the set time (35 sec) then skips over ext 200 and rings ext 300.  I am not able to get the queue to ring ext 200 at all.  I can call ext 200 from a phone and it will ring.  


I am stuck at where to go from here.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @BW31,

Thank you for sharing your experience with setting up a call queue. First let me share the Help Center article for reference: Changing call queue settings


Since I am unable to look at your specific call flow. In order to forward to an external number - the forwarding extension (User, Common Area) needs to have a calling plan or the service extension (Auto Receptionist, Call Queue) needs to have a phone number. 


When a call is routed from a call queue, it will ignore most of the member extension's call-handling settings. That being said if the call flow you are describing is the member extension's call flow - there is a high likelihood that most of the other settings are overridden by the Call Queue settings and resulting in the failures. 

If we are able to look at the call sample and review the call detail record, a precise answer can be provided for the call flow failure, and a Support Engineer can provide alternative options that can get you as close to your desired call flow settings.

Opening a Support Ticket is highly recommended for faster support specific to your issue as well as submitting a Zoom Phone Problem Report. I will be looking forward to your update on this post.


Have a good day.


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Thank you.  I have verified that my 2nd option in the call queue is a common area phone with a calling plan. that common area is set to forward to an auto reception that is call forward to a cell phone.  I have uploaded some images. Thanks


Here are a few more images