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2 Voicemail emails received


I seem to be receiving 2 emails for the same voicemail left.  


With 50 numbers in the call queue and each of them receiving 2 emails for every voicemail left, it can start clogging up the inbox.   


Does anyone know how to stop 2 emails coming through.  


I am thinking that maybe I have updated a setting for voicemails to be emailed in two different areas but I cannot find where. 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @beyondthemaze 


Are they email voicemail notifications for Call Queues? The email will specify whether it is for your direct number/extension, auto attendant, call queue or shared line.


If you are a member of a Call Queue you will automatically receive an email voicemail notification if the setting is turned on under Admin > Account Management > Account Settings > Zoom Phone. If additionally, you have added yourself to the Email List for the Call Queue in Admin > Phone System Management > Call Queues > Policy, you would receive two. See attachments.


I hope that helps!