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New computer isn't adding the Zoom add-in to outlook.


I don't what board this should appear on and evidently just the fact that I'm paying for this service doesn't evidently mean I get any actual help so maybe someone here can help.  I have a new computer and I downloaded Zoom.  I am trying to get Zoom on my outlook calendar, but the Add-in isn't showing up and nothing is syncing with my calendar.  I can't even generate and actual email I can only copy and paste the invite info.  Because of this I don't get reminders or anything.  


I need an actual support person to look at my configuration and see what I'm doing wrong, but Of course Zoom doesn't seem to want to help anyone.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Bradley524 

There are several possible causes
1. Add-ins are not installed
2. The Zoom add-in is turned off in the Outlook settings.
3. The calendar integration process has not been completed.


Check it out.