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share computer audio - invalid


 Dear all, I would like to share a computer audio during my text meeting.

Problem: When I try to share computer audio zoom asks for

german "um die Audioübertragung von Ihrem Computer zu übertragen, bitte installieren Sie das Zoom Audiogerät. Bitte starten Sie Ihre Audioübertragungsanwendung, bspw. den Media Player, nach der Installation, um mit der Audioübertragung des Computers fortzufahren"

in english it would be sth like "to share computer audio please install Zoom Audio device. Please start your audio application such as media player, after the installacion to start Audio share."

in the same pop up window zoom is asking for my password.


Problem 1: what is a zoom audio device? Couldnt find anything that I could install.. Am I missing something?

Problem 2: zoom doesnt accept my password in THIS pop up window.


Could somebody help me? Any ideas what I am missing


Thank you in advance


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Sandra11_2, do you mind screenshotting the window prompt to install the Zoom audio device? It's required if you want to share sound; otherwise, it's not needed. However, based on the prompt you described, I believe you will need to enter your Admin Computer credentials, not your Zoom credentials, for problem 2.

Zoom Community Moderator

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