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replace the default no-video onscreen name with an image


I host most of the Zoom or Teams meetings I attend, and often it's more convenient to not be on-camera.

So, if I choose to NOT enable video when on a call, the default (perhaps only?) option for otherwise identifying oneself on-screen is the Zoom-created black 16:9 box with the username in white. Can I insert an image instead...a .png, .pdf or .jpg with a headshot and the name against a custom background? This would be an image of the correct pixel count (and what would that be?). Don't laugh...attached here is what I'm thinking.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @rjk, I love the idea! You can definitely insert an image instead (jpg/jpeg, gif or png). You can find more details on how to do it here 😎 

Zoom Community Team
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Zoom Moderator

Hey @rjk was @Bri's reply helpful? Just adding on to Bris reply, I believe for the Virtual background your answer will be within the Changing your Virtual Background image KB under Video and image specifications

Zoom Community Moderator

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Thanks for the reply. If I understand the terms, I'm not trying to use a virtual background, rather just my profile picture (which I uploaded correctly, using the proper pixel aspect, etc.). Like most of us, never picture-perfect for lover video, I nonetheless want to use something more than my name on the screen.  Robert

I meant to type "LIVE video" haha