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Morning, I suspect there is a pretty straightforward solution to an issue we’re having but so far we have not been to solve it. 

I run a research agency and we have clients that produce Zoom links that we then send out to participants for various projects. Recently we’ve had issues whereby the links that would usually take you to the meeting instead take you to another program asking you to create an email address. My client says they’re not doing anything differently to how they usually would but half of all links aren’t working as they should. 

Looking at the links then ones causing issues start with mailto: rather than being a hyperlink. Can someone suggest what is going wrong at set up please? TIA



Hi - I hope that you are Doing good !!

It is my guess,


If incase Zoom account is integrated with other software or platforms, such as a calendar app or CRM system, it's possible that there may be mis-configurations or compatibility issues that affect how meeting links are generated


Can you try generating the meeting invite from a Private browser and from there we can go close to sorting this in the configuration

Hope this helps and happy to assist further !!


Thank you very much and have a fantastic day!
Warm regards


Hi Huma,


Thank you for getting back to me, I have asked our client how they are presently producing links. I guess the query would still be why some links are fine but others have this issue?





Hi Dan,


Thanks for the response - let me do a bit research and will get back to you on this.