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macOS: control-option-command-H (Hide task bar) function has changed. Return to prior?


I use Zoom to conduct online training.  A recent update to the software changed the behavior of the shortcut keys Control-Option-Command-H, which is used to hide the "task bar" from my view.  Pressing the ESCape key restores its visibility.


Before the update, the key combination was universal:  Irrespective of which program I might have in "focus" (I do behind-the-scenes operations while attendees are viewing slides on my main shared display).   Now, the combination is no longer universal;  I have to click on the task bar to bring it into "focus," which requires me sometimes to stop what I'm doing to move the task bar out of the way.  The ESCape key, however has stayed universal. 


Is there a setting I can tweak to return the old functionality, or conversely, use an AppleScript or Shortcut to pass the combination to Zoom?  I note that Zoom does not have an AppleScript dictionary, nor does it appear on Shortcuts app screen, so I think this approach may be doomed to failure.  


I'm not sure why Zoom changed their approach to this hotkey combination, but I'd like it back!