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error code 5003


Yesterday, I go to join a meeting and I got error code 5003 zoom...

Can you help me fix a problem



@an123456789 ,


This error code trigger when you have a network/firewall issue because the application is not able to reach the Zoom Server. check network connection.

Network card reset command for windows:

cmd: ipconfig /flushdns
cmd: netsh winsock reset


What is the solution for Mac systems, especially for computers with M1 chips?


Necesito una solución para el problema 5003 en Mac

Pudiste solucionar, me encuentro con el mismo problema


I struggled with this for several days and tier 2 support at Zoom wasn't able to help.  However, I had accidentally stumbled across a fix.  This is how I fixed the issue.

1. Searched Win10 for "Find and fix problems" 

2.  Select "Additional troubleshooters"

3. Scroll down to "Find and fix other problems," select "Incoming Connections," and click "Run Troubleshooter"

4. A window will pop up asking "What are you trying to do?" and select "Allow other computers to connect to Zoom"

5. After troubleshooter ran, I selected "Apply fix" and the problem was resolved.

Zoom Moderator

Hi @an123456789 just going to note that there are a couple of other threads on Error 5003. Look into these threads and let me know if any of the proposed troubleshooting steps resolve your issue. 


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