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dual monitors changing after visiting a breakout room




I have a laptop that I use for my controls during a meeting, such as Powerpoint, and an additional monitor attached for the Zoom windows.  I am set in Zoom for dual monitors (configured in the "general" settings area).  On this additional monitor I have one Zoom window set to view the meeting participants, and the other for highlighting the current speaker or for sharing.


As a facilitator, I will visit my meeting participants in their breakout rooms and then leave, returning to the main room.   However, every time without fail when I return from a breakout, one of my Zoom windows gets moved to the laptop rather than sticking on the second monitor where it was originally.


I've searched and cannot find a solution.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Many thanks....Peter, using a Mac on Ventura OS



We worked extensively with Zoom on this after a leader complained about this experience, and iirc the best suggestion was to make sure you disable the checkbox to automatically enter full screen when joining a meeting. In this scenario it'd remember your screen placement when joining or traversing meeting sessions.