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create meeting as Non-login / API User, Cannot resolve method 'loginWithZoom' in 'ZoomSDK'


i'm new in zoom sdk i need help, i have 3 questions.

  1. i know that to host a scheduled meeting as a non-login user, i need to retrieve User_ID, ZAK

to get user_id, get request to

it means get already created user's user_id?

  1. is there any way to host not sign up zoom account?

i just integrate zoom sdk in my app, and i want to let users who using my app create meeting any sign in zoom, is it possible?

  1. i want to use Email Login so, I coded it like this.
private void Login(String email, String pw){
    int result = ZoomSDK.getInstance().loginWithZoom(email, pw);
    if(result == ZoomApiError.ZOOM_API_ERROR_SUCCESS){

but, i encountered this message

Cannot resolve method 'loginWithZoom' in 'ZoomSDK'(other method work well)

how to host meeting with email, pw?