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background setup


How to set my picture as background, when I do not want to be shown live?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I'm not certain I understand your question. If you mean "how do I get Zoom to show my profile picture when my camera is set to off" here is the process;


Go to the Zoom web portal.
Sign in
Click Profile
Click the pencil
Add a new photo
Click Save 
Start a Zoom meeting with the app and see if your picture shows with the camera off.


Note you need to be logged into your Zoom account for this to work in a meeting or Zoom will not know who you are or what profile picture to load. 



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Thank you for your reply Frank, but I do have my picture set on my profile, but at times I want to just show my picture, instead of having my live video on, but it just shows my name....I did the steps you posted and already showed my picture, so still confused why not working properly.