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Zoom recording not saved.


I'm so mad. It's my first time to use zoom and I was the one assigned to do the minutes and record the whole meeting. I was using my phone, clicked the record on cloud button to start recording. After the meeting, I was trying to find where the recording was saved. Can't find it. Searched for it everywhere, only for me to find out that phone users can only record the meeting when they paid (I'm a free user, btw). I am so dissapointed. I expected that the meeting was recorded and saved because they gave me an option of recording it on cloud even if I'm a free user. I hope no one can be a victim of this again... If you're a free user and can't record using mobile devices, I hope there will be no option for it to be able to record. Giving false hopes. Now, all I'm gonna receive is bad mouth from my boss. 



To find the Zoom recording go to the file storage and find zoom and then open zoom folder after that you will find data in data you will see a folder recording in that your recording will save 
Thank you 

File storage of my phone? 

yes where your whole files data stored 


If you fail to record, is there any way to retrieve the auto-transcript if you had enabled that function?