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Zoom meeting not loading




The other day I tried to join a Zoom meeting and was having issues. It asked me to share my org's name which I did and now won't give me access to Zoom at all. If try to start a meeting or click on a link to join a meeting, a pop-up window appears saying 'connecting' that runs for about 2 minutes and then I get a error notification. How can this be fixed?


Best wishes,



Community Champion

@TatianaDA What is the error that you are getting?


I get a 503 error I think. It says something about checking my firewalls but I can't see anything affecting my ability to access the meeting. I've tried clearing my history, including cache and cookie data to no avail. Can you recommend an alternative option? 

Thanks for the reply.  This may be something on the computer interrupting the connection.  Before continuing, just want to make sure, this was working before and then after this event stopped working, or was this a new install?


Correct. I was joining a meeting through my browser, I clicked on something, can't remember what, and since then it won't let me join meetings. As I'm using Web browser not sure why it hasn't just corrected itself after clearing my history 

What browser are you using?  Chrome/Firefox/Edge?