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Zoom annotate tool eats penstrokes


I've been using the Zoom Whiteboard (not the physical whiteboard) on my computer with a Wacom drawing tablet.  Unfortunately, something has changed and now my penstrokes are being eaten and replaced with dots.  I believe this is some kind of double click detection or some other gesture.


Here I try to write the especially problematic letter "F" 7 times.  It failed each time.


Here I tried to write the simple equation "y = mx + b"


And here I wrote the alphabet and "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" without corrections.


Each of these examples were created with Windows Ink active.  Every failed penstroke has a has a little Windows Ink ripple effect whenever it happens.  When I disable Windows Ink, things like this still happen, but without the ripple and less frequently. 


Is this a known problem with a known fix?  It makes it pretty much impossible to use the whiteboard and annotate tool.