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Zoom Version 5.7.5 Sound shared is crackling


Dear Zoom support,

My colleagues have recently updated Zoom version to V 5.7.5. A few of them (not all), whenever they share sound, the recipients will hear crackling sound from the music/song shared. May I check with you how to resolve this pls? Thank you.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @EllyC ,


  • If your colleagues are sharing a video make sure "Optimize for video clip" is enabled
  • If your colleagues are not sharing a video, make sure "Optimize for video clip" is not enabled.

You can review this article for more information



I finally fixed the problem. I had done everything including a complete reinstall of Windows and nothing worked.  I just installed this version of zoom from earlier this year and all is back to normal. 


We did revert to the previous version, however how do we stop it from auto updating itself to the latest version again?

Yes, this is annoying, as i tried the "older version" solution too.
But also, if you have 64-bit machine, use the 64-bit download, not the 32-bit. That also corrects the problem for me.  Not sure if autoupdate will remember to install 64-bit though!!!!!!

Please try this one to remove the crackling sound in zoom, i tried it and that annoying sound was removed!

you can try this to remove the crackling sound of audio share in zoom