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Zoom VDI Client vs WVD Plugin vs Media Plugin - Which Go Where?


We're using Windows 365 Cloud PCs.  Some users have 10ZIG thin clients (running Win10 IOT and connect to W365 via MS Remote Desktop App) and some have traditional PCs connecting with MS Remote Desktop App. 


Do thin clients and standard local PCs run the same exact plugin?  

Please see the screenshot below:  Am I correct on the captions?

As I understand, the "Zoom Client for VDI" needs to be installed on the virtual desktop only, but not on a local PC / thin client.  The local PC only needs the plugin.

Per Zoom:

"The VDI plugin should never be installed on a VDI desktop and should only be installed on a device used to access the VDI, such as a thin client or local PC."


Local Windows PC:  Zoom Plugin for Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows 365 Cloud PC:  Zoom Client for VDI


Local Thin Client: