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Zoom Support | Cost and its Levels


Hello, I am almost postive something changed in the last year per support cost and its plans 

For years I had chat support with the pro plan ... then (and this is what I am trying to confirm) then say about four months ago (July 2023) I tried to chat support and they change plans saying pro no longer get to chat must submit ticket only unless want upgrade etc.
Then all the sudden today (Dec. 3 2023) I am now able to use chat support? Did they change it again?

1. There was a link to a page that explained what plans get what support a zoom rep gave (if anyone can find that link/page please post as I cant find it.

2. In same I am hoping to know if what i say above is correct or incorrect

* Wonders 😐 I dont know why the zoom plans page does NOT show in its comparison the support levels offered? In the plans/pricing/etc comparison  page it should have the level support you get ... like what level support is offered per each purchased plan but it does not.

Thank you in advanced