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Local phone number porting to my Zoom account - Portugal


Hello support team.

I already have a local zoom phone number in my account.
Now I also need to port my previous company phone number to my zoom account 302xxxxxxxx.
*this one I owned before I had a Zoom phone and is from a Portuguese phone company (+351) 252xxxxxx.
First, I need to check the cost and the monthly fee to have add new phone number in my account.
Then I need to know the steps I need to follow in order to achieve that.
Thank you.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi miguel,


i am just a member of the Zoom Community, not part of Zoom's support team.


In general, Zoom does not charge for porting process, has a guide including required forms and has a electronic submission button on the guide.  Specific documents required for Portugal include:


Once we receive your number porting request, we will send you an additional document that will need to be completed and signed.


Required documents:


Completed and signed LOA

Copy of recent telephone bill

Copy of Certidão de Registo Comercial (commercial registry certificate)

Copy of legal representative's photo ID

Identity document type and the number is mandatory (Passport, ID, NIF, Residence card).

Other requirements:

The signature (or signatures) must be from the person or persons that are legally empowered to sign on behalf of the Company to which the phone numbers were assigned by the Operator.

Requesting a local number port (EMEA) – Zoom Support


Please also see porting faq.

Common issues and questions for porting – Zoom Support


Zoom does charge a monthly fee for each telephone number.  Please check with zoom sales for pricing in Portugal.

Plans & Pricing for Zoom Phone | Zoom


According to chatgpt as of September 2021,

“ANACOM (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações) requires that number portability requests for both fixed and mobile numbers in Portugal be completed within a maximum of one business day. However, this requirement is subject to the necessary conditions being met, including the correct submission of information by the requesting customer and the agreement between the involved operators.”

“Please note that the specific details of the number portability regulations may have changed since my last knowledge update. Therefore, it's a good idea to consult the official ANACOM website or contact ANACOM directly for the most up-to-date information on local number portability regulations in Portugal.”


Link to ANACOM local number portability regulations:

ANACOM - Portability regulation

Please note two defined terms in anacom portability regulations:

DP: Donor or Holder Provider

RP: Recipient Provider


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thanks,  eliot


Hello @Eliot 

Thanks for your input. It will be help me.

I already have a Zoom phone number (Global Pro Plan with the international calling add on).


As far as I could remember in order to porte or add an additional zoom phone number it will add 9,30 euro to my bill.

Could someone confirm pls to check the additional cost?