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WARNING: Do NOT use Convert Meeting to Webinar (Zoom won't refund - They cost me $500)


This is a warning to anyone looking at using 'Convert Meetings to Webinar.'


I had a meeting and people that had registered. Now I had upgrade me account for $122 to Webinar events to convert the meeting to Webinar.


I held the Webinar with 2 people who showed up, because they explained to me at the time they had to register again (double register) as Zoom has switched up the links. Therefore the people who registered beforehand had a lot of difficult trying to join because Zoom messed up the links.


Once I enlightened of this, I asked for Zoom Webinars to be cancelled and for a refund, as this error on Zoom's side has cost me $500 in marketing and advertising costs.


They have denied the refund decision (which I have a right to) and justified it as I was able to use the Webinar feature itself. They have chosen to ignore their own errors when the convert to meeting switches up the link.


Anyone looking at using the Webinar feature in the future, be mindful as the quality isn't what you would expect.


Those asking me about Zoom I have guided to steer clear of Zoom and look for alternatives, their support is rubbish and are extremely disingenuous when it comes to handling customer service and having account for their own errors.


0 out of 5 stars for Zoom, it's complete garbage.


All the best,


Phil C