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Zoom Security


All audio was set up properly but participants cannot hear me. It is not the audio on my computer.  I could not even get the test audio to work properly. I could see the volume icon moving but no sound at test. When this occurs I  change me from the host to the participant so the participant could  unmute me. The participant says it is not showing on their end that I am muted. It appears to the participant that all is well but the participant still cannot hear me.  The attached screen shot is telling.  It appears that someone other than me and the participant is in this zoom call. Who is participant ID 421397. Not me. Never saw this in zoom before.  I have tried to tell the folks at zoom there is a problem.  They cannot detect these third party invasions.  Now I have proof.  someone else is in the list of participants causing this problem.  Zoom cannot detect it. I leave  zoom and log out totally. Turn my laptop off.  Go back to zoom to try to logon my password does not work.  I try to change my password, a second password does not work. I go back to my google account email to retrieve the change password link and it says google does not recognize my account.  After a few hours all seems to be working and I changed my zoom password. Why is this happening real time to prevent a zoom meeting from going forth. Someone is enjoying preventing zoom meetings from going forth.  This is not the only time this has happened.  Zoom will not admit there is a system breach somewhere and somehow. Because I have not been able to give this level of detail and because I have not had a screen shot to prove, it has been difficult to track this.  This time around I have the proof of what is happening  -- the screen shot.  It seems to happen when the  participant connects.  Who knows participants could be initiating a breach from their end.  This is a huge issue.  I know I am not the only one experiencing this.  Zoom has us all out here in this battle along with no support even on paid account.