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Zoom Requesting for to join another user's "room" when they aren't the host




My coworker ran into an issue this morning where she clicked on the link for her normal re-occurring meeting that she hosts, but when the link opened her and all the other people who were to join that meeting were met with a screen that said they were waiting for permission to enter another user's "room". This other user doesn't have a "room" license, and when I went into the user management center, I didn't see the other user connected to these meetings at all. This user wasn't in the office today, so we had to quickly create another meeting and send that link out.


Does anyone understand how something like this may have happened, or anywhere to check to see where something might be configured wrong? 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @ekellymeow welcome to the community! The only couple of things that come to mind are the following: 



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