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Cloud Recording is useless. When I tried to share the link, it led to error 400 Bad Request


I had a zoom session yesterday that I recorded to the Cloud. After processing, I got the shareable link so that recipients with the link can view the recording. I was alerted that it resulted to a 400 Error Bad Request. I tried to copy and paste the url in a browser and got the same error even if I am logged in to my zoom account. I tried to use the chat to submit a ticket to support, but the chat does not have a way to submit online to support. The only other option was to do a live chat with a support agent, which my plan does not include.


That is just poor customer service, IMO. Who configured this support process that does not allow submitting a ticket online instead of a live chat? It's definitely not urgent and I and just download the file, then upload to youtube, but that just means I am not able to take full advantage of my paid plan, right? 


Next time I won't ever use the Cloud recording feature. And I might just consider using the unpaid version of zoom...



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @SFSolEng.


There is some information in this Zoom Support article about sharing Cloud recordings which might be helpful to you: 


If you are unable to get the link working, you should be able to enter a support ticket.  Log into the Zoom Web Portal ( then over to  Then locate the blue "Submit a request" button".  (This assumes you are still a Licensed/Paid user; support tickets are not enabled for Basic/free accounts.)




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