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Zoom Recording didn't work - no error was shown


Hey guys and lad´s,


I bought Zoom Pro yesterday for a Meeting today. I wanted to record the whole conversation to upload it on YouTube later.


In the Zoom call I started the recording and my Partner confirmed the recording.


When we finished the call I clicked "stop recording" and completed the meeting afterwards. Sadly, the recording does not appear in the Programm, even on my hard disk in the "Zoom folder" - there's no file existing from the meeting today.


I tested the recording yesterday and today before the meeting with some short sequences, both worked well and shows up in the Zoom Programm and the Folder.


The call was 80 Minutes long, I thought may it needs some time to save, but after an hour it still not appear. No error was shown.


Computer is a MacBook Pro m1 with 1TB / 16gb RAM (600gb free space) and zoom version is 5.14.7.


Is there any possibility to still get the recording? Can I do something to find it?


If you need any Informations from me, just let me know and I will answer, I hope someone can help me with my problem.


Thank you in advance,