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Zoom Meeting Volume drops when receiving another phone call or Facetime call (Android)


Hi there, I've been searching Google for an answer to my question but can't seem to find anything about it. My problem is that when I'm in a Zoom Meeting, sometimes I get outside phone calls on my Samsung Galaxy S23+ or FaceTime request calls and after declining the call, the Zoom volume drops to a much lower level. Even when I have my phone's volume turned all the way up, it still is a lot lower than before and I can't seem to find a solution without having to leave the meeting and then rejoin. Sometimes I have to then break my Bluetooth earbuds out just so I can sort of hear better without needing to leave the meeting, and all my meetings are mostly group therapy sessions so I don't like to bother the host if they have to add me back in manually during the session. Is there any possible way to fix this?