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Zoom Link via Registration Not Working


I have 2 problems:

1) I have set up meetings that require registration. I approve the registration and the registrant receives a confirmation email with the link to join the meeting. However, the registrant clicks on the link, but it takes them back to the registration page, not the meeting. How can I troubleshoot this? What's going on?


2) One I approve a registration, the registrant does not get the confirmation email. It's not in their spam folder either. Why aren't they getting the email?



I'm having this same issue.  

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @SWDCA_Tech @BMaldonado , are the links being clicked on via a calendar integration or an email?


Zoom Community Team

We have the links posted on our website. They can be accessed through Calendar integration or just via a link on the site. 


BMaldonado, did you get a helpful response from support or elsewhere? If so, would you post it here? I have the same issue with registrants being sent back to the registration page and thus not able to join the meeting. This also occurs when I send meeting invitation directly to participants.

I'm replying to my own comment here because I found similar discussions of the same or similar issue:


Per the second comment from‎ 2022-11-14 09:21 AM by nikoli, Zoom engineers are aware of a bug and are working on a  fix. 


Also, see MikeInWis2's comment from ‎2022-03-28 01:19 PM in this thread:


MikeInWis2 provides some insight into how meeting links become registration links.