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Zoom IQ data collection opt-out


I read recently about the new Zoom IQ product and had some questions about data collection. My understanding is that Zoom IQ will display an option for users to participate in a Zoom IQ improvement program, but they can opt out if they would prefer. Is this correct?


Secondly, how does data collection apply to users who do not have the Zoom IQ product available to them? What happens if a user without Zoom IQ is on a call with a user with Zoom IQ? Does the user without Zoom IQ have an option to opt-out of data collection?


Lastly, what happens if some users on a call have opted in and others have opted out? Is data collected?



I am not certain of the answers to your questions here but am interested in it when it comes in. There seems to be opt outs for Compose for Zoom IQ and Meeting Summary with Zoom IQ, but some of that is only optional at the admin level and not the user. I looked at it a couple days ago and can't recall if it is for just one or both of them. The other dynamic is how external parties will be handled and data shared. Still something I need to review.


I would be interested in knowing how to opt out as well.  This seems like this decision completely destroys the sanctity of a private and confidential meeting.


Also following opt-out options.
This article above explains opt out steps, but it seems my account is configured on such a way that I am unable to follow these steps, also my account/country does not allow for live chat support. 
If anyone has a workaround, I would be grateful. 
Time to seriously consider alternatives.....