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Zoom Freezing on 2nd Monitor ‌‌


Good day All,


Zoom Freezing - 


I, like almost everyone, have been using Zoom without any problems since COVID began.  I normally use my laptop as Screen 1 - with screens 2 and 3 to the left and right.  


Since last Friday, whenever I open or join a meeting, Zoom will open on my laptop, and any attempt to modify the size of the Zoom app window It freezes.  The same thing happens when I attempt to drag the zoom window to any of my other monitors. 


This happens no matter if I select full screen, minimize or set it to take up just 1/2 of my monitor.  AND, If I go into a room with others and attempt to modify my screen size, the same thing happens, except that we all freeze and get stretched slightly vertically oblong. 


Can someone please help, 🆘, without zoom, I cannot work.  


Steps I've Taken So Far to Try and Resolve this Issue; 

1) uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom

2) updated any missing updates to my Windows 10

3) Emptied my temp files

4) attempted to modify my Pro Plan using less robust settings

5) Purchased a new Logi c922 pro stream webcam.  Same results with either camera. 

6) My Internet speed today is 831 Mbps download and 846 Mbps upload speed. 


Nothing has helped. 


I thank you all in advance for your assistance and knowledge.


Best regards

James Wilson 




Same problem bump the importance of a solution



I Was having the same issue and was able to fix this on my comp.

You can check my thread and see if it works for you.

This solution is not working for me.  Bumping.



why don't they fix this problem, everyone is dealing with this. really getting mad and thinking about canceling my subscription


Same! Zoom, please fix this issue!!


Same issue as well


I've tried the solution offered by Deryaus.  My system works fine on one of my two extended monitors...which is connected via the internal graphics card of my laptop via a deck, but freezes the instant I move the window to the one running using the geforce graphics card.   When I move it back it remains frozen.

Further to this...the same happens to my main window if I move it to that screen.

It does work, when I extend both additional monitors from the dock and use Deryaus solution to switch from gtx 1660ti to internal graphics card (but only when the second monitor isn't plugged into gtx card hdmi adaptor)