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Zoom Desktop Client not working after latest update


Since the latest update to Zoom Workplace
My desktop client no longer works on my Windows computer. I'm getting a message saying that I can't connect.
Everything worked until the day before yesterday, but nothing has worked since yesterday. In the meantime I haven't changed any configuration, made any other updates or anything else.

I have already checked the following:

- Zoom via browser works
- The desktop client works on other computers
- No proxy settings active
- To check, I deactivated the firewall, I don't use VPN
- I uninstalled the client several times with CleanZoom, restarted the computer and reinstalled it again.
- I restarted the router, used LAN once and WiFi once
- I am using the latest version
- Operating system and firmware are up to date

I have no idea what else could be causing this. I'm a little desperate because I...
I use it for my online workshops. All suggestions are welcome.



I have the same issue.  I would be interested to hear any replies that you get.


I have the same issue.



I tried to join my church zoom meeting this morning 05-MAY-24. Zoom said I had to upgrade, I clicked for upgrade and I thought it finished. I saw a new icon on my desktop "ZOOM WORKPLACE." I retried mu usual login to the Zoom meeting and never got connected to communicate to the host. Tried multiple times, no go.

I uninstalled and tried to reinstall the Zoom client for Windows.

I tried again unsucessfully to connect to the worship meeting.