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Window's task bar won't pop up when Zoom in full screen


With the new update, when I have my Zoom meeting in full screen mode, my Window's task bar won't appear when I move the curser to the very bottom of the screen.  It was never a problem before.  I have not changed my task bar settings.  It's currently at "Automatically hide the taskbar when in desktop mode."  I'd like to keep that setting so when I screen share, the task bar isn't in frame.


Anyone know if there is a setting in Zoom somewhere that would allow for the Window's task bar to pop up when needed instead of having to keep it open?



I have a very similar issue - but for me my taskbar is hidden and won't pop up when the Zoom window is maximised as well as when in full screen (which is supposed to be the function of full screen but there's now basically no difference between maximised and full screen). Hopefully a solution in the next update.