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multiple problems with. new update



With the newest update I am having these problems:

1. Annotation is no longer working. There is no option for a pen. Annotate is turned ON in settings.

2. While on Zoom with my client I cannot see their face in the inset video window. Instead I see mine. Not helpful! There’s no option that I can see to change this. 

3. The tool bar is now on the bottom instead of the sides and cannot be moved. This will make me reformat all of my PDF presentations which use the bottom space of the Zoom window. 


Any fixes? Thanks!





Suffering with the same problems right now. Do something, Zoom!!! 

By deleting the app and reinstalling it I found the annotation feature. It only comes up when a presentation is opened.  It’s a pain and do not think this is an upgrade at all. 


I have not figured out how to see my students while I’m showing a presentation. It’s very distracting because I feel like I’m talking into a void. I wish they’d hurry and figure out the video feature. 


The toolbar appears anchored into place. How obnoxious! I can’t see the bottom of any of my presentations. Not sure why Zoom thinks this was a better idea?


I hope that helps to kind of get your annotation tools back. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Assuming that you are using screen share for presentation you have a number of choices.

1. More > show video panel

2. More > show meeting window

3. More > start focus mode (participants only see host video and screen share, host sees all participants)

Generally, this is best managed using 2 screens and still works with settings > general > dual screens unchecked.