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Wide angle on iPad for music lesson



i want to use the wide angle camera on my iPad air. Clearly Zoom has access to it since center stage works fine, but how can i use it without center stage?

I need it for my online music lesson as my whole instrument should be visible.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The centre stage is being given to Zoom as the video device.

You can turn off the centre stage and switch between front-facing and self-view camera, but the aspect ratio of the screen will just give you a standard window view, you can not see the "whole stage", I believe this is a limitation of the way apple has set up their cameras.
So, for your use case, I suggest moving the iPad further away and turning off the centre stage. The button is on the top-left of the screen.

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thank you for your response. so basically its not possible to use a wide angle in zoom at all? the wide angle camera works fine outside of the zoom app.

unfortunately moving the ipad away isnt optimal since i need to be able to read the displayed sheet music as well