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Waiting Room


Hopefully I can find an answer here.  As host, I (or my cohost) admit admit every  participant into my meeting from the waiting room.  To increase security, I would like to ask the person  who is waiting a question, and then  have them be able to respond to me.  I understand that this is  possible in my discussion with other  hosts.  However, I have tried it in my meeting and this is what happens:  I can indeed chat with a person who is in the waiting room, but THEY CANNOT REPLY to me.  What setting will enable me, as host, to allow those in the waiting room to respond to my question to them?  Thanks in advance!!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Marji welcome to the community, suggest looking into @ChrisO's reply on Two-way chat with Waiting Room - can't find how to enable; which to enable this as you can allow participants in waiting room to reply to the host and co-host of the meeting. 

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Unfortunately, I host three meetings under the umbrella of a 12 step program:, so I do not have access to the meeting settings other than host options, such as enabling waiting room, etc. Any help considering that?