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Video problem since the latest version




Since the last version, a few people around me have reported video streaming problems. (Green screen, jerky image or the same symptoms as a false contact)


Testing the capture devices, no apparent problems. No worries in the Zoom settings either (or I didn't wait long enough). However, as soon as a zoom meeting is launched, the flow problem comes back.


Driver update OK
Zoom re-installation OK
Windows update OK
Despite everything the problem persists.


I had an old installer on my PC (version 5.12.9). I installed it and the problem is not .

An element in the last update created this failure.


Would it be possible to investigate?


Thanks in advance.




Exact same behavior here... an office of 12-15 people, five of them are experiencing these problems exactly as described above. No significant differences between the symptomatic PCs and the ones that are working fine. All other apps using the webcams are working properly.


My office is having the same issue. Zoom Support is no help! See attached photo. Is this what yours is doing?

Screenshot 2023-01-09 132035.png

We're having exactly the same problem as of today.  Possible theory is it's affecting users with USB webcams (not those with internal web cams) but can't be certain.

Hi Chris,

I have seen the problem on USB cameras as well as on integrated cameras.

It's affecting my client and I use a Logitech USB webcam.

I have an internal webcam and I am having the same issues.

I’ve the same problem both with external and internal camera. I also tried different computer, same. So annoying!

It is not an issue with USB cameras only. It also happens with builtin cameras.

I have co workers who have internal camera who have this same problem as I have - and I happen to have a usb camera.  

Chris, I thought that at first, too. But replicated the experience using the webcam installed on my Surface Go: image strobes, freezes, and a strange line appears at the top of the video.

I'm having this problem using my Dell laptop and its built-in camera. ☹️

That's exactly what my video problem is as well!  Zoom Support is HORRIBLE!  I pay for a subscription too!  Really makes me mad that they don't take ownership of supporting their product, especially for paying customers.  Did you find a fix?  I am still dealing with this and am ready to uninstall the whole thing.


Yes. I'm having this issue with my image - and have noticed one other regular participant in weekly Zoom meetings is also experiencing this Freeze of my image with flickering and part of another participant's image showing at the top of my image frame.

Disabling the video and then re-enabling it stops the problem briefly but it recurrs. Also if I just wait with the flickering/frozen screen, it <may> right itself, but then the problem will recur.

ZOOM - Please find a 'fix' for this.

I suspect it may be an issue for people who don't have fast broadband - but that's just a guess.




Uninstall the current version that you have and that does not work.
I had an older version on hand (version 5.12.9) and installing it solved the problem for me.


Once installed, remember not to activate the automatic updates.


Let me know if it solved your problem.

Thanks for sharing the download. I uninstalled the updated client and reinstalled it using the older version you provided. It appears to have solved the problem. I will see if I still have symptoms during my next real Zoom meeting on Thursday, but it looks good so far during testing.

Hey, thanks for the link.  It fixed my choppy video too.  I see there are these crazy looking apps on the side of the zoom screen now.  They appear to be a "free for one year then, you're forced to pay for" Essential Apps?  I already pay for Pro plan.  I don't need "Essential Apps" but it appears the only way to cancel these so I won't get charged a year later is to "cancel my license/subscription"???!!!!  Do you know anything about this and what to do?  It seems like if I cancel a subscription I've had for almost 3 years that I'll be forced into a more expensive plan or just start all over again with a new subscription when I have everything already set up and then it will probably still include the same forced Essential Apps on it?????  What do you suggest?



Thanks for sharing that download. 
Zoom Support sent me a permanent fix last night, I was excited to come here and share it with everyone, but it didn't work. 😕

I have a Zoom meeting with tech support tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Same here! 


A workaround which seems to have worked for me is "video settings > advanced > optimise video quality with de-noise > turn off".  Hope this helps.


I had this problem with the update I downloaded yesterday  - version 5.13.3 (11494) - when I went on a meeting this morning. I found that there was another manual update available today - vesrion 5.13.1 (11835) - and I just downloaded it. If that doesn't solve the issue on my next meeting I'm going to uninstall and reinstall.


Got a fix guys!! Had a Zoom meeting today with Ryan Guadalupe, Zoom Tech Support, and he had the fix. 1. Make sure you have the latest Zoom version (5.13.4). 2. Go to Video settings and check Adjust for Low Light and change to Manual. 3. Go to Advanced Video Settings and uncheck Optimize video quality with de-noise. 


He told me to let him know if we start having issues again but since the fix 30 minutes ago, all is back to normal.

This seems to be working. Thank you for posting!

I have been having the same problem since this update! I use an external camera, checked the entire computer, even reinstalled Windows and all the drivers (mine was old, thought that was the issue) and renewed some other components. Yet the problem was still there. I just changed the Video settings you've described, and for now it all looks fine. Will have an online class tomorrow. Hope it will work fine as well. 

Yet this is super frustrating and annoying! Wish I haven't experienced such issues after official updates for a paid subscription. Disappointed.

This worked! You and Ryan are lifesavers! Thanks so much.

thank you for posting this. I've gone through the steps and it appears to have worked for me (much to my relief...University Professor reliant on Zoom...;) )

You and Ryan are life-savers. Thinks for persisting. In the contexts in which I work being able to see others' faces (and they mine) is very important. Thank you!

Just doing "Go to Advanced Video Settings and uncheck Optimize video quality with de-noise. "

worked for me...   🙂


Thanks Laura, will follow these instructions and hope for the best.


Mario, thank you for posting.  I am having the exact same problem:  I am having very frustrating similar problems ever since doing the last upgrade pop up announcement.  I never had lag or freezing happen, but now it's happening all the time from my end.  Clients see skips, lags, freezing but audio is ok.  I tried calling support (I have a paid subscription for work!) and was blown off twice with "accidental phone disconnects" after waiting to talk to someone for at least 20-30 minutes!  I tried doing a chat for tech support and was told I didn't have a paid subscription when I've been paying for it with auto draft for almost two years now!!!  I am so infuriated!!!  I wish there was another product/company to use because their customer support for paying customers is HORRIBLE.  How do you update the Driver?  My Windows updates are current.  It sounds like even with all this extra effort that I'll probably still have the problem.  How did you get the older installer version 5.12.9?  It may be my only hope too.

It is definitely something to do with this last update they gave us!!!  Thanks in advance, Sydney



Sorry for the delay.

You can find the older installer directly on Zoom website (see bellow):



Windows 64-bit:

Windows 32-bit:


Uninstall your current version of Zoom

Once installed, remember do not activate the automatic updates.


Best regards,



have been usaing successfully since 2020 , nothing has changed except the updat.e

Npow desperate


We are experiencing this too after the latest FW update. 

This was happening with the 5.13.6 update. I rolled back to 5.13.5 which seems to be stable at this time.


Is this only a issue with the pc version of zoom.? I have it on my laptop since I don't use my phone app much for it. I'm going to share the fix with my other members but I wanted to know if those with phones would have this issue and if it would be the same fix if so? 


"Go to Advanced Video Settings and uncheck Optimize video quality with de-noise" worked for me...

(very old laptop).