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Video feed lag


My video feed lags by a few seconds when I'm in a Zoom meeting on my new desktop. This isn't an issue with other video conference services, so the issue isn't my internet connection. I uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom and that didn't help. According to the task manager, I'm only using 9% of the CPU and 51% of the memory. My desktop has an Intel Core i9 processor with 32 GB memory and a GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card. My operating system Windows 11. My camera is a Nexigo N60.



I'm having a similar problem on my (aging) Windows 10 desktop. My video has a lag of anywhere from 3-7 seconds. This does not happen when I use my Windows 11 laptop in the same room, same router, etc.  nor in other locations with the laptop. It also doesn't happen when I am watching one-way apps like YouTube on the desktop. The desktop does go through a powered ethernet bridge with five other outputs.

This all started less than a month ago with no hardware changes. It may have coincided with the Host starting to use Screen Share. I have seen pauses, not lags in the video from one of my elderly friends who may be in a building where the contractor used the same WiFi channel for everyone. It may also have started around the time Microsoft imposed Edge on us - I've tried to remove it with little effect.

So: any ideas, such as low or defective RAM in my desktop? Bad/wrong renderer (I have that problem when setting up Sage TV, but can't find any renderer settings for Zoom), bad Ethernet (I did swap out the cable to no effect, but haven't tried wiring around the bridge).

Any advice/directions will be much appreciated.